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About Helfo

Helfo (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) is the Directorate of Health’s external agency and annually administers around NOK 34 billion.

The agency’s responsibilities include making payments from the National Insurance scheme to healthcare providers, suppliers and service providers, as well as individual refunds of expenses incurred by private individuals relating to medicines, dental healthcare and health services abroad.

Helfo’s societal mission

The social remit of the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (Helfo) is to safeguard the rights of stakeholders in the health sector and private individuals and to provide information and guidance concerning health services.

Helfo administers rights granted under Chapter 5 of the National Insurance Act (support linked to health services), contributes to compliance and ensures that patient rights are upheld.

Helfo’s services to the public and health service providers

  • Reimbursement of expenditure incurred by health service providers relating to patient treatment.
  • Reimbursement of expenditure incurred by residents for medicines and medical supplies.
  • Helfo’s guidance online and by telephone if users cannot find answers to their questions online.
  • The services we provide to the general public include the following:
    • Switching GP
    • Healthcare exemption card
    • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
    • Right to choose your treatment centre
    • Patient mediation in the event of missed deadlines

Simpler digital services

Helfo strives to make everyday life easier both for stakeholders in the health sector and for private individuals through the provision of accessible, equitable and efficient health services.

Digitalisation is an important tool for developing Helfo’s services. The Directorate of Health and Helfo has started the digitalisation programme "Simpler Digital Services“ in order to offer our users better services through digital administration:

  • Online services are the norm
  • Rights must be automated
  • The key goals for the programme are “fast, simple and correct”

Helfo’s organisation

Helfo is currently undergoing a restructuring process in order to meet ever-faster changes in society and higher expectations concerning user-specific digital services. Helfo currently has 22 offices across Norway, and the government has decided that, from 2021, we will operate from the offices in Tønsberg, Fredrikstad, Sola, Ørsta, Mo i Rana and Kirkenes.

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