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​Regular GP Line (Fastlegetelefonen): 810 59 500

How to change your regular GP

You may change your regular GP twice in one calendar year. You may also change your regular GP if you submit a change of address to the Norwegian Population Register or if your regular GP leaves the surgery or cuts his/her patient list.

​You are free to choose any regular GP with available capacity. You cannot join a waiting list for regular GPs with no capacity. However, certain groups of people are entitled to join the patient list even if it is full. This applies to

  • children under the age of 16 whose parents/guardians are on the patient list
  • residents who submit a change of address to the Norwegian Population Register back to their previous municipality within three years and who want to keep their previous regular GP

You may choose a regular GP in a different municipality than the one in which you live.

The change will take effect from the first day of the month after the change was registered.  Your journal will not be transferred automatically. You have to contact your previous GP to do this. Your will have to pay a fee for this to be done.

Until recently, a letter would be sent out confirming your new GP. You will no longer automatically receive a letter confirming that you have been assigned a new regular GP. If you need a confirmation letter, we advice you to print out the confirmation on your screen.

More information about the regular GP scheme can be found on the right.

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